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FileForms offers your business a range of services, from BOI and FBAR filing to Registered Agent Services and Annual Reports. We strive to make it as easy as possible for parties in all sectors to remain financially transparent.

BOI Reports

Beginning on January 1, 2024, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, FinCEN, will require businesses in all sectors to file beneficial ownership information, or BOI reports, in an effort to reduce money laundering and other illicit financial efforts.

Businesses established prior to 2024 must file BOI reports by January 1, 2025. Businesses formed in 2024 must file BOI reports within 90 days of its formation date.

FileForms understands the BOI report filing process and offers filing services to businesses in need.

Businesses utilize our platform to determine whether they are a reporting entity required to file a BOI report based on the new laws of the Corporate Transparency Act.

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Annual Reports

At the beginning of each year, businesses in all sectors must file an annual report sharing data about the company, including its officers and managers, operating location, and best means of communication. This annual report becomes available to the secretary of state’s office, relevant government agencies, investors, and the general public.

Annual reports must only be filed in the states that a business is registered to do business in, not necessarily where they operate. For example, a business originally formed in New York that also has operations in Florida and Massachusetts must file an annual report with each secretary of state or equivalent office. The deadline to file an annual report varies from state to state.

Businesses that fail to file an annual report face fines, penalties, or even revocation of their right to operate in a state. In an effort to help businesses avoid those issues, FileForms can draft and file annual reports in the relevant jurisdictions and help multi-jurisdictional businesses determine when and where they need to file. Learn more by talking to our team.

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Registered Agents

Many states require an LLC or corporation to appoint a registered agent. FileForms’ team of professionals can serve as the registered agent for your burgeoning LLC or Corporation. Our team will receive important business correspondence on your behalf, such as service of process or tax and legal notifications, and promptly forward and inform you of such correspondence, ensuring your business remains responsive and compliant with all communications.

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