Upcoming Webinar: May 22nd, 2024 – The Corporate Transparency Act: Navigating BOI Reporting

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FileForms serves many different types of entities in the United States.

Businesses of All Shapes & Sizes

If you own an LLC or are a beneficial owner of a business in the United States, odds are, you’re tasked with filing your business’ state and federal regulatory reports, including the new Beneficial Ownership Information report. FileForms is your trusted partner for businesses in many industries looking to save time and money while accurately filing their reports. Some of these industries include:

Law Firms

Business owners and decision makers build trusted relationships with their attorneys, who handle many types of business dealings on their behalf. Law firms handle regulatory reporting for their clients, which now will include Corporate Transparency Act compliance by filing the new Beneficial Ownership Information report. FileForms complements the services offered by attorneys with an industry-leading software platform aimed at secure and efficient filing.

Corporate Services Firms

Corporate Services Firms assist business owners and their advisors with a diverse set of services, including entity formation, registered agent, and annual reporting services with the state and federal governments. Clients of these firms will be in need of guidance regarding Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) reporting as they pursue compliance with the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) in 2024, which provides a unique opportunity to further build trust while proactively serving their clients’ new federal reporting requirement.

Corporate Services Firms

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Private Investment Funds

Private investment funds includes private equity, venture capital, family offices and other private institutions setting up entities to hold and invest into portfolios companies. Such investors can have broad portfolios of companies with multiple owners and various classes of shares which can lead to complicated ownership structures. These firms also have limited back office and administrative support to handle compliance requirements and information gathering.

Real Estate Companies

Real Estate companies have multiple entities per project and diverse portfolios that are owned by different groups of investors. With all the regulatory requirements for real estate development and transactions, it can be difficult to navigate the necessary filings within each geography. Real estate investors use various layers of entities to help mitigate risk, manage properties, and develop construction projects.

Professional Services Firms

Professional Services Firms work alongside their clients to help process administrative work such as bookkeeping, collections, billing, payroll, benefits, and other accounting or Human Resources functions. Such firms that work with a wide range of clients can always be on the lookout to better serve their clients with additional administrative solutions. Services that are value add to their clients, and intuitive while leverage modern technology, can help professional services firms scale without adding significant headcount.