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WEBINAR: Navigating the Corporate Transparency Act and BOI Reporting

By FileForms | November 7, 2023

Are you wondering how you should navigate the Corporate Transparency Act? Interested to know why the federal government is requiring 97% of businesses in the United States to disclose information about their beneficial owners? You’ve come to the right webinar!

Join us as we explore the new world of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report, and how it impacts businesses of various shapes and sizes across the nation. We’ll also include the most recent updates from FinCEN as they have been released.

The Team Presenting Our Webinar


Kenneth (Kenny) Dettman

Kenny Dettman comes from a 15-year background of working as a global tax expert, CEO, Founder, and Operator. He previously worked as a Managing Director at Alvarez & Marsal.

More recently, he founded and led EZ-ERC who is an industry expert and pioneer within the Employee Retention Tax Credits. Kenny is a member of the Forbes Business Council and has been published in the Wall Street Journal.


Ian Quinlan

Ian Quinlan joined FileForms in 2023 bringing 10 years of financial services experience with him. As a Client Specialist, Ian is responsible for sourcing, growing and supporting the FileForms client base. Please reach out to Ian directly if you have any questions.


About FileForms

FileForms is the trusted software partner for filing federal and state forms and reports on behalf of businesses and their advisors. Its flagship product is a reporting solution for the Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report, a new federal filing requirement resulting from the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) that is enforced by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), expected to impact more than 35 million U.S. businesses.

The FileForms team is unwaveringly dedicated to revolutionizing the process of preparing and submitting the growing number of federal and state reporting obligations, such as the BOI report, which extend beyond traditional IRS and state tax filings. FileForms had developed a cutting-edge technology platform led by its accomplished executive team to holistically bring ease and accuracy to the compliance requirements of businesses and their advisors.